Thursday, November 5, 2015


Sam and I recently went to Vanuatu for a friends wedding, we were only there for 5 days but oh my gosh that place is *Jim Cary voice* "b-e-a-utiful!"

Of course I tried to get as many snaps as I possibly could of just how wonderfully wonderful that place is, but alas I am no photographer, and only had my phone! These are some of the snaps I did manage to get.. 


The "It's too sunny, put on sunglasses to hide my squinty eyes" selfie

Trying out the underwater function (the last one is particularly flattering! Haha

When we got all the way back from town to realise we needed to get cash out so had to go all the way back in! Typical..

One of the things that amazed me about this country was that after the cyclone, there was a lot of devastation, everyone just seemed to get on with it. Everyone was so happy and friendly (You couldn't walk past someone without them saying hello, and asking how you were!) In the area we stayed there were many large trees fallen over (Yes that's a car stuck under the one in the photo!) But rather than working to clear that, they've simply learnt to work with and around them! Such a wonderful positive attitude!

The wedding 

Our (not so nice) friend, Bill! One of the most venomous snakes, that decided to invade our swimming hole on the last night so we couldn't go swimming :(

I'm in love with this photo! This was taken on our last night at our friends house, so beautiful!

I wish I could just pack up everything and move to a place like this! One day ;)

Elle xo

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A year in photos...

Holy Moly... 

It's been such a long time since I've updated this blog! Life got super crazy and I sort of put it on the back burner! So I thought instead of trying to update you on everything in full detail I'd give you a quick overview of the past year! Ready for a whole heap of information?? 

  • My apartment got broken into and I lost over $5000 worth of stuff (Including my Macbook, my phone and my xbox) 
  • The 3000+ photos of the last 2 years, including all from my travels, have gone forever :(
  • My parents moved to the MALDIVES!!! (Crazy jealous, I know)
  • I left my job of 3+ years to work in another centre (And I'm much happier there!)
  • Both my sisters left the country to live elsewhere (One in Aus and the other back to the UK)
  • I'm finally almost finished with my studies!! (Only 8 weeks left :O CRAZY)
  • In 3 days I'm going to Vanuatu (Blog post to come) an I've never been so excited to relax
  • We are finally moving out after moving from family to family! (Hopefully another post haha)
  • And I think I'm finally enjoying my life, without being stressed about everything! (I'm pretty sure it won't last haha)

Anyway so that's pretty much been 2015 summed up!! Here's a few photos of the past 11 months


Going to see Maman  Mia In Wellington (Trying to take a nice photo is hard with the Whiteoak clan!)

My class last year and I said goodbye to my old workplace and the amazing people


New Years (My Sisters were living it up in Australia While I was stuck in NZ)

A few snaps of my favourite creatures 

We went to the most beautiful wedding in Martinborough (Sam's cousins) 



Ahh NZ you can be so beautiful at times...


Selfies, selfies and more selfies!


Hope you all enjoyed this snapshot into the last year! I'm going to try really hard to keep it all updated! 

Till next time 
Elle xo